Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Data:

Here at New York Payday Loan Solution, we collect kinds of information. Some of which could identify a specific individual. We gather your personal data whenever you submit your information to us through our website. This is usually done if you have completed our application. We may ask questions if we are needing to know more about you. The only required information requested is that you must submit a phone number for us to contact you. We would also need a social security number and your birthdate. This is only to verify that you are the individual applying for the loan. We would not want to have someone commit fraud with your information. We may also ask for your email address. This would be to email you additional information that we may need. If you are receiving your funds electronically, then we would need your banking account information. This would only be to deposit your funds. We are not allowed to take any money out of your banking account for any reason. So this is not something to worry about with us. If we needed to contact you by postal service, we would need you physical address. This is for mailing you copies of your loan papers. We may even send you our companies flyers for promotional purposes. There are other companies that may ask for more information. However, we only need to know what is relevant to your loan. We protect all information with our Privacy Policy. This is to ensure that your information is in the right hands.
Non Personal Data:

This is general information which can not be directed to a specific person. There are all kinds of non personal information that is gathered from you. This may be either directly or through the cookies stored on your computer. An example would be your IP address from the computer. This is a number that is tracked when using the internet. It is like a personal journal that keeps track of everywhere you visited online. Other information would be the locations from the website. A cookie is known as a packet of information that your Internet uses to send to your computer. This happens while you are using the Internet. This is what is used for identifying who you. Even without identifying you as a specific person.

Sharing Your Information:

New York Payday Loan Solution could possibly share your personal information with lenders. These lenders are only the ones involved in your loan. These third party associates are able to use your personal information to try to sell you a Payday Loan. They could even contact you regarding other business opportunities or advertising options. We could even share your information with advertising companies as well. These groups such as directory associates who we also have financial involvement with our company.

If we share your information with a third party business, you should read their privacy policy. This is so you are aware of the information from that business. Their privacy policy has no connection with our privacy policy and procedures here at New York Payday Loan Solutions. That business will inform you on how they are going to be using your personal information. Within our Privacy Policy, we only share certain information. We do not release all of your personal information.

Another point is that we have the right to release your information as a result of a subpoena. It is required by law that we have an order from the courthouse, before giving information. By releasing information to law enforcement, they can use your data to determine any guilt in legal claims. We will provide your information in times where we believe it is required. This is for research or to start preparing for suspected fraud. In protecting and defending the rights of our employees and our business, we enforce all company terms and conditions. We also stand along with any other agreements in our privacy policy.
Changes Within Our Website:

Within our privacy policy, we have the right to update any information at any given time without notice. This is also true for our website information, promotions, content. This is provided by the discretion of New York Payday Loan Solutions. Changes to our privacy policy will be published on the homepage of our website. We will also be able to review the last known date that we had updated our information. It is good to re-read the privacy policy to see if any changes have occurred. If and when we decide to change any information on our website, we are required to notify our customers. The most common way of notifying our customers is by posting the details on our website homepage. If it is a major change, then we may send out an email to notify our customers. If you have not signed up for email notifications, then you would receive your updated privacy policy through the mail.
We want you to know that your information is safe. As scary as it sounds, we do not share it with people who don not need it. Other companies who are involved are allowed to access personal information. However, you will always be notified before it happens. Many people just think we randomly give out personal things. We do not sell or give away anything personal unless it is written to us. Then we will notify you before we send anything. New York Payday Loans wants you to know that you are in good hands. Your security is our primary goal.

If for some reason you still have questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy and Procedures, please feel free to contact our administrator for further inquiries. Do not hesitate to call. Our associates are here to explain our privacy policy in detail for you. We never want you to leave not understanding something that we have said. Our associates look forward to hearing from you.