FAQ For Loans

Why choose New York Payday Loan Solutions?

New York Payday Loan Solutions is a number one retailer for financial services. This is including short term individual loans, payday loans and cas advance services. Being a small business since 2001, New York Payday Loan Solutions specializes in serving individuals who are looking for a substitute for conventional banking associations. We want you to achieve hassle free and convenience. With our instant access to financial services, it's no wander we are high in demand. Our FAQ should inform you on everything you need to know.

Just how do cash advances, payday loans, and short term loans work?

To receive a Payday Loan or Cash Advance, all that you need is to fill out an easy application form, and sign several forms. This straightforward online method simply requires a few minutes. As soon as you're approved, you will receive the funds in your fingertips. We have options to have it deposited in your checking account within a days time. On your very next payday, your bank account is debited. The amount will be repaid regardless of the amount that you owe. Unless you happen to decide to renew the loan. For individual customers that are not on direct depositing, New York Payday Loan Solutions will offer a one working day grace period. This is from your next payday to deposit your paycheck.

What do I need to apply for a payday loan online?

You simply need to work. We require that you make a minimum of $1000 monthly. You must be a United States citizen. Also, it is required by law that you are an adult. This is a minimum of 18 yrs of age. Another FAQ is do you have to have an active checking account? The answer is yes. You must have an active bank checking account. Participants in the military and people who have just lately declared bankruptcy do not qualify for a online payday loan.

Will it really matter in the event if I have poor credit or no credit?

It is not a problem if case you have poor credit or no credit. Each of our payday advances are formulated to help individuals who are in need for urgent financial situation. Therefore, we fully understand that you could have had credit problems previously.

Does an individual need any collateral to get an online payday loan?

No. There is never any collateral needed. It is not necessary or even expected for any of our loans services.

Is there really any cost to try to get a loan?

No, never. You will not have to pay to apply for any loans. This is regardless if you're approved or not. We also offer satisfaction guarantee. This means that you will not have to pay any fees or charges should you change your mind with any of our loans. However, you only have within 2 days to contact our office. (In this FAQ, we reserve the right to refuse any loan that is being taken back.)

At what time am I going to receive my loan?

If all your information is received by 12:00- Noon Eastern Time, you will receive your funds the following business day. If we receive your information after 5pm Eastern Time, you'll typically receive your funds after two working business days. For security and safety purposes, we have to be able to get in touch with you on the phone before the loan is funded.

How exactly will I know if I am approved?

Soon after we have obtained all the required information. We will send you an email message advising about whether or not you have approved. Then you will receive a repayment schedule as to when your payments are due.

With all of these great FAQ, we are happy to share with you great information. Our FAQ page was designed to provide the community information that you may be needing about our loan services. If you have more FAQ or any comments regarding our FAQ, please feel free to contact our office. Our associates will sit down with you to go over your questions.